Facility Rules (version 03-10-2023)

Instructions for gate/unit access.  Each tenant will be given instructions for downloading the Nokē Smart Entry smartphone app, which connects to the unit controller via Bluetooth. Once downloaded, the tenant will receive login credentials, which will grant access to pedestrian and/or vehicular access gates and rented unit(s).

Access changes. We may change the ability to access gates/unit(s) at any time and notify you accordingly.

Report damage or malfunctions.  Please immediately report to the office any malfunction or damage to gates, fencing, locks or related equipment.

Follow written instructions. You and all other persons who you allow to have access to your storage space must read and follow the rules described below regarding the access gates, as well as the rules listed in your Rental Agreement. This is important for everyone’s safety. If the gates are damaged by you or your invitees through negligence or misuse, you are liable for the damages under your lease, and collection of damage amounts will be pursued. Please direct any additional questions regarding access gate operations to management.

Personal injury and/or personal property damage. Anything mechanical or electronic is subject to malfunction. Fencing, gates or other devices cannot prevent crime. No security system or device is foolproof or 100 percent successful in deterring crime. Crime can still occur. Protecting tenants and their invitees from crime is the sole responsibility of tenants and law enforcement agencies. You should first call 911 or other appropriate emergency police numbers if a crime occurs or is suspected. WE ARE NOT LIABLE TO ANY TENANT OR INVITEE FOR PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH OR DAMAGE/LOSS OR THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY FROM INCIDENTS RELATED TO PERIMETER FENCING, VEHICLE ACCESS GATES, PEDESTRIAN ACCESS GATES, OR OTHER SIMILAR DEVICES OR THIRD PARTY CRIMINAL CONDUCT.

Rules in using vehicle gates:

  1. Always approach entry and exit gates with caution and at a very slow rate of speed.
  2. Never stop your car where the gate can hit your vehicle or trailer as the gate opens or closes.
  3. Never follow another vehicle through an open gate.
  4. Never force the gate open or closed with your car or in any other manner. 
  5. If you are using the gates with a boat or trailer, please contact management for assistance. The length and width of the trailer may cause recognition problems with the safety loop detector and could cause damage.
  6. Do not operate the gate if there are people in the area, especially small children who might get caught in the gate as it opens or closes.
  7. If you forget your login/password, follow the instructions in the app or contact management.
  8. Do not give your login credentials to your Nokē Smart Entry app to anyone else.
  9. Do not tamper with or allow others who accompany you or who you have authorized to gain access to your unit to tamper with gates, motor, or other mechanical devices.
  10. Do not allow children to play near the gate.