Self storage makes people's lives easier in so many ways. You may use it as an off-season closet, allowing you to store your summer clothes and sports equipment in the winter. You may keep your college-age kid’s belongings in a unit so they can access them when they come home for summer. Or, like a growing number of people these days, you may need more space for sales inventory and find that a self storage space is the ideal place to keep it.

At United Spaces Storage, we have a variety of spacious sizes for your business storage needs. In fact, whether you run an Etsy business out of your home, or you manage a brick-and-mortar store, you may need more room for stock, especially if sales are going well. Not only will you get that here, but you’ll also pay much less per square foot for storage space than for residential or commercial space.

We recommend keeping your items and inventory in airtight, plastic containers. Also, make sure all your goods are completely dry before storing them. Any dampness in boxes can encourage the growth of mold or mildew. If in doubt, put a couple of silica gel packets in each container. Also, make sure to label your bins and keep an accurate inventory of what’s in each. This is not only good bookkeeping, but it will also help you find each item someone orders quickly.

*Autopay is required for all space sizes and types.